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Pirates is a combinataion Collectible Card Game (CCG) and Miniatures Game (Minis) from WizKids. This is a complete compiled interactive checklist of all the available cards.

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Set IDSM-071
Collector IDSS-003
WizKids ID5791
CardEl Garante
TranslationThe Guarantor
SetPirates of the Spanish Main
AbilityThis ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls for every friendly ship within S of her.
TextThis is the capital ship of the Armada de Barlavento - the special fleet assigned to rid the Spanish Main of pirates. "The Guarantor" is often under the command of Almirante del Nero, who oversees his crew's competition with the El Acorazado.
Cannons3S 3S 3S 3S 3S
Last UpdatedJul 18

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