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Pirates is a combinataion Collectible Card Game (CCG) and Miniatures Game (Minis) from WizKids. This is a complete compiled interactive checklist of all the available cards.

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Set IDSM-008
Collector IDPS-008
WizKids ID5792
CardEl Ladron
TranslationThe Thief
SetPirates of the Spanish Main
AbilityWhen this ship sinks another ship, you may repair one of this ship's masts.
Text"The Thief" is mastered by Robert Fagan, a London street urchin who leveraged a life of petty crime into one of piracy. Fagan remembers his poor days well, ordering his crew to strip targets of every scrap before letting them sink.
Cannons2S 2S 2S
Last UpdatedJul 18

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